September 1, 2014

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September 1, 2014
"The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person."

— Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters (via bookmania)

August 31, 2014
Si eres feo por lo menos arreglate y ten buenas metas. Pero ser feo, quedao y puerco para despues esperar tener una mujer bonita? Coño men

August 30, 2014
Estratégicamente Dios creo las orejas para que pusiéramos cigarrillos en ella. Cualquier otra razón no haría sentido.

August 29, 2014
Martes simplemente es la segunda parte del Lunes.

August 29, 2014


"Don’t believe everything you read on the internet" said the person that believes everything they see on television.

August 29, 2014
"You have no idea how much I want it to end. To get out of this place. Out of these dysfunctional people."

— Unknown

August 29, 2014
"I feel nothing and it feels great."

— Hugh Laurie (House M.D.)

August 29, 2014
- ¿What is your problem?

- Reality

August 29, 2014


Ryan Hemsworth - Cream Soda (with Tomggg)

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